Tabby Mac

Workplace Wellbeing Trainer

Tabby joined the team at Well at Work as a Workplace Wellbeing Trainer in 2018 after working as a graduate in a high-pressured role in marketing in the fashion industry. Having studied a degree in psychology at the University of Leicester, Tabby is passionate about organisational psychology and wellbeing in the workplace and currently studies Health Psychology at University College London. She is particularly interested in the mind body connection and how our thoughts can impact on our overall health. For example by exploring how stress and sleep can impact on our mental and physical wellbeing.

Tabby works with a wide range of organisations from both the private and public sector by developing and delivering wellbeing workshops with the ambition to reduce stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace and encourage employees to prioritise their own and team’s wellbeing for improved productivity and happiness. Tabby draws on her own experience in trainings and talks and is also a qualified mental health first aider and mindfulness practitioner. In her spare time she enjoys walks with her puppy, reading and yoga.