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Our team is equipped with a diverse range of professional and personal experiences. We are united in our passion for improving the mental health and wellbeing of everybody we work with. We believe that for people to thrive at work they must be physically and mentally well.

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Since 2003, Well at Work has been raising awareness of mental health in the workplace and enabling staff to feel empowered in respect to their own and other’s mental health with practical support, advice, information and toolkits. 

We believe that taking small steps towards creating an open and supportive working environment can create a big change to staff resilience and productivity levels and we are here to help you on that journey.

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of Workplace Wellbeing experts with a variety of previous experience in psychology, managing teams, strategy consulting, workshop facilitation and more. We combine our expert knowledge of workplace wellbeing with our own experiences of working in different organisations and industries to support you and help you achieve your desired outcomes.





Alice Cheshire

Head of Well at Work

Harry Edwards

Sales Manager

Debra Healy

Senior Workplace Wellbeing Trainer




Tabatha Mac

Workplace Wellbeing Trainer





Matthew Mason-Hames

Associate Trainer

Lis Cashin

Associate Trainer





Alison Brake

Associate Trainer