Returning To The Workplace: How to Proactively Manage Employee Wellbeing


Take an active role in your staff's wellbeing as they return to the workplace.

Our Returning to the Workplace series will help you and your team understand and tackle the six causes of workplace stress, and build a mental health toolkit that enables everyone to feel confident about returning to work.



Staff whose mental health got Worse or Much worse during the pandemic


Staff who go to their line manager for mental health support

The challenge of returning to work after lockdown:


Increased prevalence of mental health problems

Establishing a healthy work/life balance

Compounding work and personal life stressors

The six causes of workplace stress are:


  • Unexpected change

  • Sudden demands

  • Lack of control

  • Lack of relationships

  • Unclear roles and expectations

  • Lack of support


Our workshop is designed to help your team understand these causes of stress, recognise them, and build resilience against them, while also teaching managers how to help staff deal with these issues.

Further ways we can help make the return to the workplace as easy as possible:


Interactive mental health training and workshops

Available online or in person, empower management and employees to proactively manage their mental health and wellbeing through our training and workshop sessions. These are focused on areas that are especially beneficial in times of uncertainty, such as how to have conversations about mental health, and and managing stress and anxiety across all levels of the organisation.


Reviewing, designing, and executing strategy, policy and process

Wherever your organisation is in its wellbeing journey, we can help. Whether that is reviewing what you already have or starting from scratch, we will make sure wellbeing is embedded in your organisation at this challenging time.


Implementing the Thriving at Work Mental Health Standards

Demonstrate your commitment to employee wellbeing through these industry standards which provide structure for employees, helping manage anxiety, and create a workplace that contributes to their mental health and wellbeing.

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