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How to stop sabotaging yourself at work: the power of positive intelligence

We’ve written before about saboteurs, the subconscious parts of us that can negatively impact our […]

Posted on: 2nd August 2022

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Peer support vs manager support and why you need both

When it comes to mental health at work, there are different ways that employees can […]

Posted on: 29th July 2022

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The importance of cultivating psychological safety in the workplace

Written by Hannah Le Tissier “Psychological safety is a shared belief that the team is […]

Posted on: 20th June 2022

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Saboteurs: How your subconscious impacts your work, life, and relationships

Everyone has a preferred style of working. Some people will send constant updates to their […]

Posted on: 8th June 2022

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5 ways to reduce loneliness in the workplace

Written by Hannah Le Tissier, Mental Health Trainer Loneliness is pervasive in modern society. People […]

Posted on: 9th May 2022

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Loneliness at work: How it impacts staff’s mental health

The theme of mental health awareness week this year is loneliness, something that can have […]

Posted on: 19th April 2022

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How to help your team deal with business changes

As businesses grow, they often change. This can be difficult or worrying for staff, who […]

Posted on: 28th March 2022

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How Sleep impacts Mental Health and Productivity

It’s advised that we get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night, but […]

Posted on: 17th March 2022

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How to help your staff understand their role and responsibilities at work

It’s easy to assume that everyone on your team knows what they should be doing […]

Posted on: 12th January 2022

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How to help your staff build relationships at work

One of the best ways to help improve overall productivity is to improve the relationships […]

Posted on: 29th November 2021

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