Why we should be more aware of mental health at work:

1 in 4

people experience poor mental health

1 in 6

people in the workplace experience a diagnosable mental health condition


of us said our mental health got worse or much worse during the pandemic

Testimonies from previous clients:

“The whole session was really helpful to realise that while we are not trained professionals, we can be open and supportive to those suffering with mental health issues and signpost them in the right direction for professional support.”

How we can help

Our mental health awareness workshops can be delivered in sessions of four or two and a half hours, online or in person, and tailored for general staff or specifically for managers to help support your team better understand mental health.

  • Introduction to mental health – good and bad
  • Learn the difference between positive pressure and unhealthy stress
  • Identify our own stress signatures and how to manage stress for ourselves and our team
  • Recognise warning signs of common mental health problems in yourself and others


Help your team understand mental health


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