How stress and anxiety can impact work:


of employees sometimes have to work outside contracted hours to complete work



of workers say work stress impacts their life at home

(Source: Wrike, Stress Epidemic Report)

17.9 million

working days were lost to stress, anxiety, and depression in 2019/20.

(Source: HSE)

Testimonies from clients:

“The trainer explained very well about how to cope with work-related stress and mental wellbeing, especially in situations like deadlines or travel.”

“I enjoyed the stress signatures and triggers part of the course, which allowed me to look at myself and understand myself better and learn to recover in the moment.”


How we can help

Our stress and anxiety workshop can be delivered online or in person, and designed to help your staff understand the benefits of dealing with stress and anxiety, and help them set boundaries themselves.

  • Introduction to how the mind perceives threats, the flight or flight response
  • 5 techniques to improve resilience 
  • An understanding of our own responses to stress
  • A mindfulness exercise
  • Practical tips to reduce stress and anxiety in the moment


Help your team to deal with stress and anxiety

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