Why we should adopt healthy habits for work:


of our behaviour is habitual. If we can adopt better habits, our work lives eventually begin improve without conscious effort.

(Source: American Psychological Association)


increase in productivity was found in happy people. Good habits can increase our overall happiness levels. 

(Source: University of Warwick)


times people fall into old habits they’re trying to give up. Substituting them with better habits is easier, more effective, and more likely to last.

(Source: James Clear)

Testimony from previous clients:

“Thank you so much for delivering such a wonderful session, we loved it! We’ll definitely we implementing new happy habits as an office!”

How we can help

Our interactive habits workshop is designed to help your team understand how our brains form habits, how they can unlearn unhealthy habits, and how to use techniques to introduce habits that improve overall wellbeing and become more successful at work. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • What habits are and why they are so important
  • Learn the science behind habit forming and the Plateau of Latent Potential
  • Know how habits contribute to happiness
  • Identify what healthy habits are for you
  • Develop new habit forming strategies and techniques
  • Have a plan to challenge habit forming obstacles

Help your team adopt healthy habits

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