Why we should all think about our financial wellbeing:

Almost 8 in 10 UK employees take their money worries to work, affecting their performance.

(Source: Close Brothers, The Financial Wellbeing Index 2019)

4.2 million worker days each year are lost in absences because of a lack of financial wellbeing. That’s the equivalent of £626 million in lost output.

(Source: Centre for Economics and Business Research, Financial wellbeing and productivity: A study into the financial wellbeing of UK employees and its impact on productivity, 2018)

Nearly 7 in 10 UK employers believe staff performance is negatively affected when employees are under financial pressure.

(Source: Neyber (2018), The DNA of Financial Wellbeing 2018)

How we can help

Our financial wellbeing workshop is delivered in an hour and a half, online or in person, and designed to help your staff understand their relationship with money and how it can impact their mental health.

We will cover five ways to financial wellbeing along with tips and tricks to curb emotional spending and manage financial pressures.

By embracing a well-rounded perspective on financial wellbeing, we aim to empower participants to prioritise their financial wellbeing, gain a sense of control, reduce stress, and create a foundation for a more fulfilling and balanced life.  

Help your staff improve their financial wellbeing

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