UK Suicide statistics:


Men aged 50+ are the most likely to die by suicide in the UK



people attempt suicide in England and Wales every year



people die by suicide every day


What the training includes:

  • Learn appropriate language to use when talking about suicide
  • Latest statistics and why it’s so important to talk about suicide
  • Reflect on myths and stigma surrounding suicide
  • Risk factors and recognising the signs that may indicate someone is having thoughts of suicide 
  • Learn how to have empathic conversations about suicide
  • Signposting and support 
  • Crisis first aid for suicide 
  • How to set boundaries and practice self-care when supporting a person who is suicidal

This training can be run as a 2-hour interactive session for up to 12 people, or a 1-hour session for up to 100 people, online or in-person.

Help your staff learn about suicide and how to prevent it

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