Remote Working

Our expert team can help you support your remote teams deal with the unique challenges and pressures such as stress, burnout and isolation, that working from home during COVID-19 has brought.
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The challenge

More people are working from home than ever and this brings with it a unique set of challenges and pressures around a blurred home and work life, feelings of isolation and adapting to new ways of communicating. Managers have to be able to adapt their style and normal techniques to be able to engage with their teams and support them from a distance.

Recent surveys around working from home* have found that:

  • 25 % of respondents feel pressured to respond more quickly than they normally would

  • 48% are working long and irregular hours

  • 33% of respondents report frequently feeling isolated

  • 43% feel that they do not have enough time to get work done

  • 35% feel under too much work pressure

  • 29% of respondents would not say their boss is good at keeping in touch

  • 34% worry that decisions are being taken without their involvement

 *interim findings from the IES Working at Home Wellbeing Survey  and LinkedIn/Mental Health Foundation Research 


Our solution

We will discuss your challenges with you to understand where your teams most need support and how we can best help including:

  • A tailored package of support for your senior leaders and line managers so they can provide the right support to employees remotely during this period of uncertainty and beyond.
  • Training, workshops and webinars that equip your employees to proactively manage their own wellbeing and support their colleagues. Topics include “Supporting Remote Workers”, “Boundaries” “Taming Stress and Anxiety” and more.
  • A bespoke consultancy service, tailored to the unique needs of your organisation and aimed at tackling any challenges you are currently facing head on.