Sleep Workshop

Problems with sleep can affect us all, particularly in times of increased uncertainty, anxiety and stress. Our sleep workshop is designed to empower your teams to build healthy habits for improving the quality of their sleep, even in challenging times.

What happens when we don’t sleep?

Performance Deterioration - decreased communication, poor concentration, reduced memory

Poor mood and inappropriate behaviours including greater risk taking and inability to make necessary adjustments

Increased sickness, sickness absence and presenteeism

How we can help

Our sleep workshops are 30 minute or 1 hour interactive sessions, delivered online or in person to help support your organisation build health sleep habits for life.



Introduction to sleep - understand how we sleep and what happens when we sleep


Sharing the top tips for sleep - understand positive behaviour changes we can all introduce to deliver a better night's sleep


Practice mindfulness - experience the power of mindfulness and understand its value in preparing for sleep

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